What are Dentures?


Dentures are dental appliances that can be taken out and put back into one’s mouth. They are made for those who are missing teeth. There are different types of dentures:

  1. Full Dentures – an upper denture and a lower denture will be created so that both will feel comfortable in your mouth

  2. Partial Dentures – a part or bridge of dentures will be created for you to put in place of missing teeth or gaps.

Dentures are prepared individually and are based on whether all or some of a person’s teeth need to be replaced. Dentures of made according to what will work best for you.


The Denture Procedure

Step 1: Before the denture procedure begins, your dentist will discuss with you what type of denture will work better for you.

Step 2: Once a decision has been made on the choice of denture, teeth that need to be extracted will be removed.

Step 3: After eight weeks of healing, your dentist will make a wax impression of your mouth. This will then be sent to a dental lab where they will prepare your dentures.

Step 4: Once the dentures are created, they will be returned to your dentist. Your dentist will then place them in your mouth to see if they fit well. After this, they will be returned to the lab and be redone according to your dentist’s corrections.

Dentures are important for good dental health and are more natural looking than ever. Talk with your dentist about dentures today!


Dentures – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will I be able to speak properly with Dentures?

A1. It may be difficult to speak at first, but with practice you should be back to normal. Most dentists recommend eating soft foods until you adjust to your new dentures. Keep in mind your dentures will need to be relined now and then. This will keep them in good shape.

Q2. How much do permanent Dentures cost??

A2. Prices start from $999 depending on the procedure and requirement. We also offer FREE initial consultation worth $100. Call today for a free quote.