Dental Implants

Dr. Amit Shah will design, implant and fit the replacement teeth or do restorative work on faulty crowns, renewing your smile and your chewing ability.

Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

When both the tooth and root are damaged, the best permanent replacement is a dental implant in conjunction with a ceramic crown. This solution both looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

  • Without the root structure of a natural tooth the jawbone can shrink making your face look older.
  • There are no loose parts. An implant is stable and comfortable.
  • Normally, it will serve its owner for life.
  • Dental Implants LOOK and FEEL like natural teeth.


The Dental Implant Procedure


The implant team usually includes either a periodontist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who implants the posts into the patient’s mouth, and a prosthodontist or general dentist who designs and fits the replacement teeth or permanent bridge. Our dentist will implant, design and fit the replacement teeth or do restorative work on faulty crowns all in one office.

At the first appointment, we use an X-ray to determine if the jaw bone is adequate to hold the titanium posts. Models of the mouth are often made using a soft, pliable plastic compound. These models show where the gaps are located and provide measurements for a replacement tooth or a bridge. Treatment with dental implants is complicated and takes meticulous planning for best results. Today, the implants being placed often only require one surgical procedure using a local anesthetic and sedative.


Dental Implants – Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How are dental implants placed?
A1. Dental implant is a 2 step procedure.

First, the actual implant placement is generally performed at our office with local anesthesia. A light sedation can be used if needed. Prior to this we will have confirmed you have enough bone to sustain the implant. Using surgical techniques the implants are placed into the jawbone for up to six months while the implant and bone bond (osseointegration).

The second step involves the careful creation of the “replacement tooth” or crown by our experienced dental lab. This is the “tooth part” that will attach to the anchored implant in your jaw. Dental implants can be the solution to replace a missing single tooth, several teeth or can be used to anchor complete dentures.

Q2. How many implants are needed for an over denture?
A2. 2-4 implants should suffice. Although the number depends from patient to patient.

Q3. What do dental implants cost/price?
A3. Only $1999 for the complete dental implant procedure. Plus initial consultation worth $150 totally FREE.